xpozer privacy policy

June 2018

Hi. We understand your privacy is important to you and that you are cautious with your personal data. Xpozer wants to have a good relationship with you so we’ll always treat your personal data with respect. We will only collect and use personal data in ways that align with your rights under the law, our obligations and your requests of us. 

Please read the following policy to understand how Xpozer handles your private data.

1. Information about Xpozer

  • This website is owned and operated by Xpozer, B.V., a Dutch photography company that collaborates with photographers around the world.
  • Our registered address is: Saturnusstraat 60, Unit 59, 2516AH, The Hague, The Netherlands

2.  What does this policy cover?

Xpozer believes in the importance of safeguarding your privacy on as you interact with its services and products via its websites: xpozer.comand amazingphotographybook.com.  This Privacy Policy relates to the information collected as you use these websites and/or request Xpozer products or services via these websites.

3. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that could be used to identify you as an individual, a specific person. It includes straightforward information such as your name and contact information(address,email, telephone number, etc.) and less obvious data that is sometimes collected online, such as electronic location data, identification numbers and other identifiers that are used online.

As Xpozer has many customers in Europe, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union(EURegulation 2016/679)(the“GDPR”).The GDPR defines personal data as“anyinformation relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.”

4. What are your personal privacy rights?

Under the GDPR, you have many specific rights related to your personal data and privacy. It’s important to understand your rights to be sure they’re protected. Here is a list of your rights, which Xpozer will collaborate with you to uphold throughout our relationship:

  • The right to be informed about how your personal information is collected and used.
  • The right to access the personal data we have about you.
  • The right to have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • The right to be forgotten.(Thismeans you have the right to ask us to delete or destroy any/all of the personal information that we have about you. It’s also called your“rightto erasure”.)
  • The right to limit or prevent the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to limit the purposes for which your data is used.
  • The right to data portability.(Thismeans that you can request a copy of your personal data and share it with other services or businesses if you choose.)
  • The right to decide whether or not your information can be used for automated processing.

5. What personal data does Xpozer collect? 

Xpozer collects various types of personal data, depending on your relationship with us. For example, if you order a photo print, we’ll need specific information to process your order and ship it to you. This is different from the anonymous information collected if simply visit our website and read about our awesome products and services.

Here’s a list of the personal data that may be collected depending on how you engage with us:

  • Your name;
  • Your mailing address;
  • Your email address;
  • Your telephone number;
  • The name of your business;
  • Payment information;
  • Order and account numbers;
  • Customer service communications if you contact us.

6. How does Xpozer use my personal data? 

Because Xpozer complies with the GDPR, we only use your personal data for specific reasons such asto provide you with an Xpozer online account, to process your order(s), to respond to questions you may ask, and to share special information and offers with you(butonly when you’ve told us that’s ok).

Here’s a detailed list of the ways your data may be used when you interact with Xpozer and our website:

  • To provide and help you manage your access to our website.
  • To provide you with a personal Xpozer account and enable you to manage it.
  • To process the products/services you choose to order.
  • To communicate with you(thismay include responding to emails, calls and/or chat messages).
  • To help us understand how you use our website and to improve your experience as a customer on our website.
  • To provide you with additional information about Xpozer, which may include marketing offers for our products/services and updates on our company and it’s products.

We will never send you unlawful marketing or spam. Period. 

We will never share your information with a third-party organization unless it is necessary for one of the above reasons. Period. Full-stop.

7. How long will Xpozer keep my personal data?

We won’t keep your personal data longer than we need to fulfill the reasons above.

When you order an Xpozer photo print, we may store the photos you upload for up to a maximum of two (2) years our secure servers for back-up purposes in case you need a reprint or your photo is damaged in shipment. Otherwise files may be deleted off our server every six months without any notification. If you want us to permanently delete your images from our server please let us know when you place your order and we will gladly comply. (Just make sure you back up your images yourself first!)

8. Where is my personal data stored and how is it protected?

Xpozer stores your personal data on our secure server in The Netherlands. 

9. Will Xpozer share my personal data with third parties?

We will never, ever sell or trade your personal information.

Xpozer shares your personal data with third parties when it’s necessary for the processing and/or shipping of your order requests. For example, we sometimes collaborate with other organizations and companies for printing and shipping or organizingour customer service requests. Your personal data may also be stored in third-party software systems that we use to offer optimal customer service relations and marketing.

Xpozer and all third parties with which it collaborates share/store this information in a secure manner.

10. How can I control my personal data?
Xpozer account holders are always able to update and/or correct the information saved in their account by logging in and editing their profile. Account holders are also able to delete their account and all information in it whenever they choose.(Beaware that if you delete your account, you will lose access to all Xpozer services/products associated with that account.)

If you wish to know what personal data Xpozer has about you, you can request a copy of your personal information by sending us a request in writing via email (send to: [email protected]).

11. How does Xpozer use cookies?
We use cookies to help us monitor traffic and use of our websites. Cookies are a small amount of data that are sent to your Internet browser from a web server and are stored on your computer’s hard drive.  The cookies share information with us about how you use our websites. We use Google Analytics for these purposes.

When you use our website, you may also receive specific third-party cookies on your computer or device. We allow third-party cookies via our website when we use them to help fulfill a contract with have with you or to fulfill a request from you, such as answering questions via a live chat and offering feedback submission. Anonymized data that may be collected by cookies:

  • IP address;
  • Web browser type and version;
  • Operating system used by your computer;
  • URLs(suchas a referring site, the pages you visited on our site, and the URL you exited to after using the Xpozer website);
  • Information about your interests and preferences.

If you do not want to share information with us via cookies, you can delete them by going to the web browsers control panel and clearing"Cookies".

12. Contact us
We always strive to maintain the highest level of accuracy in the information we retain about you. If you ever feel that any inaccurate or inappropriate information has been obtained or transmitted through the use of this Site, please contact us.

  • Email: hello@xpozer.com
  • Telephone: 015-7111077 (Netherlands domestic); 00-31-157111077 (international)
  • Address: Saturnusstraat 60, Unit 59, 2516AH, The Hague, The Netherlands

13. Changes to this privacy notice
We will update this privacy policy from time to time to comply with legal requirements and in case our business changes in ways that affect personal data protection. We recommend that you check this page regularly to keep up-to-date as changes will be posted here. We will assume that you accept any posted changes upon your first use of this website after the policy has been updated.