Photo Check

Check, Double Check... Photo Check ✅!

Have your photos checked by our Photo Xperts. With our experience we can help you figure out whether your photo is suitable for printing and what you can improve.

Photo Check waiting times :  1 working day

Why Have your photo checked?

There's a lot more to turning a digital file into a photo print than meets the eye.
With our years of experience and knowledge of photography, our Photo Xperts know better than anyone what to pay attention to before you print and enlarge a photo. For example, we often see that people have set their monitor too bright and think that their prints are printed too dark.

Why for free? We are happy when you are ? That's why we do everything to ensure you will soon have an amazing photo print on your wall!

We check your photo for: 

  • Resolution
  • Spots, drops and specs of dust
  • Exposure
  • Noise
  • Sharpness/Clarity
  • And more...!

This is how it works

Step 1

send us your photo

Send us your photo and indicate which sizeyou would like to order and whether you have special requests or questions.

step 2

Receive your advice

You will receive a response from one of our Photo Xperts within 1 working. This will include personal  advice to improve your photo.

step 3


When you are happy with your photo, you can order your Xpozer. Choose the right size and upload your photo.