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Xpozer consists of the unique combination of a perfect Print with a durable Frame. Xpozer makes the sharpest prints, without relief or disturbing reflections. The most beautiful colors and high print quality make Xpozer the best photo product. With the durable Xpozer Frame, you can swap prints in an instant. This way you will never get bored of your photos again.

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Xpozer makes the most beautiful photo prints, without relief or disturbing reflections. The sparkling colors and razor-sharp quality make Xpozer the
best photo product.

The razor-sharp Xpozer Print and the durable Xpozer Frame are made for each other. Together they form a strong team that lets all your photos shine. The result? A super sleek, flat photo print on the wall.

You can swap the Print for your latest favorite in no time at all. On the same Frame. This way you will never get bored of your photos again!



Laura Vink

"Many of my photos are on social media or my website, but I had never actually had any Prints of them at home. Dibond with acrylic is very expensive for larger sizes. And I find framing too much hassle, as there is always dust behind the glass! With Xpozer I don’t have to worry about any of that. My photos look razor sharp, hang nice and taut and the colors are translated beautifully. I now exhibit my favorite travel photos at various places at home. One of the best things about Xpozer is that you can easily swap your Print AND the swapped photo can also be stored compactly. For example, I have a 150x100cm Xpozer hanging above my couch. Would that have been another material, such as canvas, I’d still be stuck with a large sized print after swapping the photo. Now it's just a small triangular box! "

Gustav Kiburg

" Like many other photographers I invest a lot of time, energy and money into my photography. I invest in travel, equipment, editing software and the calibration of my lenses. I check my photos whilst shooting to ensure that I capture the moment in the way I envisioned. Once home, I open those images on my computer (where they are much bigger, of course) and it gives me a huge kick. Still, viewing a digital photo on a computer screen can make the photos look better than they actually are. Only when I see my photos as large prints and hang them on the wall, am I really able to determine and judge the quality. I want to see my photo as it really is and relive the intensity of the moment in which it was taken. I can't do that when I see the photo on a screen. Only printed photos feel real to me. "

Albert Dros

"I just realized that I’ve been working together with Xpozer for 4 years already. Most of you might know Xpozer, but for who doesn’t already: Xpozer makes high quality prints and combines them with an innovative mounting system. This makes for a modern look. Because of the simple, but very effective, frame, you can easily swap around your photos. What I love about Xpozer is the no-nonsense mentality. It looks good, it’s easy to mount and swap, it doesn’t require any technical skills to make a high quality print. Xpozer doesn’t work with print profiles, for example. With your screen well calibrated, you won’t get any surprises from the Xpozer print results. Also, the price-quality ratio is very good. When ordering an Xpozer your’ll always feel satisfied. The prints look great and it doesn’t break the bank. That’s of course possible, because Xpozer doesn’t work with expensive frames or glass. The Xpozer frame is fair priced as well. But it doesn't make it any less beautiful, quite the contrary. The Xpozer Prints are razor sharp. As a Sony Europe Ambassador, I shoot with the Sony A7RIV. The Xpozer Prints from that camera are truly amazing and very detailed."

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