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Avoid the most common mistakes when printing photos with our FREE Presets for Prints.

  • 7 Professional Presets
  • Built on 10 years of experience
  • For Lightroom CC/Classic & Luminar 3 / 4
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Are you ever unsure about what to do before you have a photo printed, or are you normally not editing your photos? Then this is the way to get the best prints in 1 click!

  • 7 Professional Presets

In the Preset Pack you will find:
- Xpozer Print Essentials (BW/COLOR)
- Xpozer Portrait (BW/COLOR)
- Xpozer Landscape (BW/COLOR)
- Bright Portrait (COLOR)

  • 10 years of experience

These presets are the result of our passion for large photos and many years of experience in the photo industry. Based on this knowledge, we have made these presets for anyone to use.

  • For Lightroom or Luminar

The Xpozer Presets work on both Lightroom Classic CC and Luminar 3 and 4. This allows you to use the presets on your favorite editing program.

  • From Portrait to Landscape

The presets are made to improve any type of photos for a perfect print!

Laura Vink

Photography blogger and writer

"When I hang my photos at home they have to make me feel good. I want to relive that moment the best way possible. The edit of the photo is an essential part in this."


Print Your Photos Picture-Perfect


and we've printed thousands of photos

Xpozer has been developed by photographers for photographers. As photography enthusiasts ourselves we believe that an image is more than just a digital file and that your story will come alive when it’s printed. Especially nowadays when people are taking more photos we believe a great image should be printed to stand out, the bigger the better. Photos and stories are better with the ones you love so we developed Xpozer to display all your future memories.

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This is what pro photographers say about xpozer

Albert Dros

Nature Photographer

"A photo print brings your photos to life and gives another dimension to your photo. In addition, I always see what I can improve." - Albert Dros

Gustav Kiburg

wildlife Photographer

"I want to see my photos as they really are and to relive that intense moment when I took the photo. Only a printed photo feels real to me." - Gustav Kiburg

scott kelby

Professional Photographer

“Xpozer is the system we use in our Kelby One Gallery. Presentation is everything. It can make or break your photo. Xpozer prints look amazing. They stand off the wall and they make this awesome shadow, adding dimension to the whole thing.

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